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The Invention and Evolution of Wireless Power

In today’s society, wireless power is a commonplace thing, but that wasn’t always the case. Electricity and other forms of power have had an interesting past, and are expected to have an even more interesting future.

It all began back in 1819, when a Danish physicist named Hans Christian Oersted discovered compass needles moved if exposed to electronic fields. This lead to what we call electromagnetics.  That discovery was taken further in 1831, when a man named Michael Faraday showed the world electromagnetic induction. Thus the notion you could transfer electricity between two places began. He also crated the first direct-current generator., which paved the way for mankind to generate electricity.

Next came an A/C current type generator, which was invented in 1887 by a man called Heinrich Hertz, who used to generate radio waves.  However, it was Nikola Tesla, who first tried to give the world wireless electricity. But he and Thomas Edison, another well-known inventor ho is credited with many inventions to include the lightbulb, fought viciously over whether A/C or D/C current was best.

Tesla invented a coil now called the Tesla coil which is now the main element of today’s wireless charging devices. He wanted to give wireless energy to the world so we could power all kinds of things without the need for cords or wires. He managed to create a tower that transmitted energy but it never was completed due to not enough money to do so. But he did complete tests where he was able to transmit power wirelessly several hundred feet to power lightbulbs.

Fast forward to the 1930s and a man called H.V. Noble did more experiments in wireless energy and by WWII many scientists were studying microwaves as a possible source of wireless energy transfer. More work on this was done clear through the 70s, especially via a man named William C. Brown, as well as Raytheon Company, NASA and the US Dept. Of Energy, but they still were not able to make wireless energy transfer practical.

However, in today’s modern world this dream is now possible and is growing more every day in its abilities. A few companies are working on using ultrasound waves to do wireless charging and has come close to making Tesla’s dream come true in which he wanted to give wireless energy to power things far away from each other. It’s hoped eventually this could lead to no need for things like fossil fuels, so it could help prevent climate change and pollution.

Many believe by 2040 th world will indeed have wireless energy transmission transmitted all over the Earth from space via microwave power. Clean energy that would solve so many issues is hopefully just around the corner.

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